Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Why Do John P. Puerner, John S. Carroll, Dean Baquet, & Michael Kinsley All Support Nick Goldberg & Mike Davis In Lying To Readers Of The LA Times?

On April 19th - over a week ago, Mike Davis wrote a column approved by editor Nick Goldberg in which Davis stated that the San Francisco housing bubble had 'burst'. Now it is one thing to say that there is a housing bubble in San Francisco - that is an opinion. It is another thing to say that you believe that there is a bubble and to then predict that it will burst or is about to burst - and that too is an opinion.

But to say that the San Francisco housing market has burst - at a time when prices and sales are hitting record heights every month - is a lie, not an opinion. A lie that had been exposed repeatedly in my previous posts - and equally exposed by links in the LA Times' own real estate section.

But instead of a retraction and a correction (and an apology) - all that there has been forthcoming from the Times is... silence. A silence from the very highest levels of the LA Times that tells everyone in this city that the LA Times and its Publisher and its Editor approve of its writers lying and equally approve of its editors covering up those lies.

But, as anyone who regularly reads the LA Times knows, this should not be news to anyone.


Silver Lake Runner said...

As someone one who splits his time between LA and San Francisco, I was amazed when I read that statement from Mike Davis. But to learn that the Times won't correct that outrageous lie
makes me wonder what I can believe in that paper. Great stuff.

CindyM said...

I have to admit that I have been entertained but skeptical of your Mike Davis Posts, but after looking into the facts myself, it is clear that someone at the LA Times has to be covering up for him. Lie is a strong word, but that is the only word to describe what he has done.