Thursday, April 14, 2005

Mattel Toys Says Get Lost To Los Angeles! Prefers New York To LA!!

In a recent New York Times article on the future of two New York toy fairs, it was speculated that one or both toy fairs might relocate to another city with lower costs, despite the advantages New York has with its access to both the media and international buyers.

Well, with LA's burgeoning wholesale Toy District and with Mattel as one of the few major corporations located in the LA area - it might seem that LA would be a prime spot for one or both toy fairs to relocate. But... no.

First, that international gateway - and media capital - Dallas, is described as the prime competitor for NYC, and LA is not even mentioned. But - wait - since Mattel is located here, surely they will help LA's dying convention and hotel business - as well as our growing toy business- by pushing for LA as the place for at least one of the conventions.


Well, uh... no. And not only is that not the case, but Neil Friedman, president of the Fisher-Price unit of Mattel, Inc. further stated that, "Mattel and Fisher-Price will not attend any shows outside of New York." The article then said that the Toy Association will meet next week to discuss the issue.

I can only hope that LA, Inc. plans on being there to pitch them our dying, bargain priced convention center (along with our serious media presence and international buyers) and that somebody at Mattel's corporate headquarters might bitch slap some sense into Mr. Friedman.

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