Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Three More Dead In Four Days At Killer King/Drew.

And yet both the County Board of Supervisors and the Editorial page of the LA Times have their heads so far up their butts, that they refuse to take the actions that the Times series on Killer King so clearly showed need to be done. But at least the politicians have some excuse - with the 'local' press refusing to demand the drastic changes that need to be done, why should they take the political risks of doing the right thing?

I might add this is something very personal for me. If I had not been in the emergency room with my mother on one occasion, they would have let her die. But when I overrode the do not resuscitate order that was mistakenly on her charts, they revived her and she had almost two quality years of life left and was able to die peacefully at home. And this was in a top rated private hospital. I cannot even imagine what the families whose loved ones are being brutalized at King/Drew must be going through.,0,3640178.story?coll=la-home-headlines

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Karen said...

And people wonder why I refuse to buy the LA TImes.