Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Pigs Fly! Mules Procreate!! David Shaw Gets Something Right!!!

In a startling development today, LA Times Media critic, David Shaw luridly acknowledged a personal lust for under-cooked... and under-aged hamburger. And in a brave, searingly raw confession of his long secret addiction to burger porn, Shaw stoutly defended his personal choice of loving meat that most others felt had not yet reached its time.

However, the most shocking part of this story was when Shaw explicitedly described the hidden places where he goes to gratify his implacable demons, leading the list was the long infamous Wilshire dinery -- Cassell's! A place where I, alas, had once lost much of my own, once youthful innocence.

I might add that even though I was raised within walking distance of this... flesh house.... my parents had wisely felt that someone of my tender years needed to be protected from the sight - much less the caress - of such voluptuarian slabs of raw, pink, firm flesh; thus it was left up to Bill Roberts and Stu Spencer (of the famed political PR firm of Spencer-Roberts) to personally arrange for my debauching. So one spring day, they took me there to fully initiate me into the forbidden pleasures of so much unadorned flesh unashamedly on display. And it was easily the second most enoyable losing of my virginity of my teen age years.

And many thanks to Fishbowl at Mediabistro for alerting me to this story. As I had yet acquired my daily copy of the LA Times from the local trash baskets, I had not read it until I saw it on their site.,1,4254386.column?ctrack=2&cset=true

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