Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mike Davis Lies Again! And The LA Times AGAIN Prints His Lies!!

When you are dealing with a writer who has been proven to have lied not hundreds of times - but literally THOUSANDS of times in his books (City of Quartz and Ecology of Fear being two of them) - it is (almost) amazing that the LA Times would still ask him to write for them. But one would think that they might actually fact check anything he did write for them.

Well - guess what? No matter how many times you have been caught making up 'facts' - the LA Times still believes that dishonestly should be its own reward. So not only have they again allowed Mike Davis to again write for them (a person who once fabricated an entire interview in the LA Weekly) - but the LA Times still didn't even bother to check his 'facts'!

I guess since they knew he was just going to make the stuff up any way - why bother?

To just list his most outrageous - out and out - total and complete lie - Mike Davis claims in an article about housing prices that... the San Francisco housing bubble has 'already burst'. So... since the housing bubble has burst in San Francisco, I guess that means that prices are drastically dropping and that the market is filled with unsold houses - right?


Well - guess what? - the exact opposite is happening in San Francisco. Repeat - the EXACT opposite of what Mike Davis has to say! So I guess besides knowing absolutely nothing about Los Angeles, San Francisco is another city about which the publisher and the editors of the LA Times know absolutely nothing about.

More shortly.
Below is the opening of a April 15th story by Carol Lloyd in the San Francisco Gate about the 'burst' San Francisco real estate bubble:

"Last week, a little duplex in Bernal Heights was listed for $799,000. As is customary for most real estate sales in the City, offers were to be reviewed on an appointed date about two weeks later. But after the property had been on the market for only a few days, as agents and prospective buyers were still swarming the property at the broker's tour, the building was already in contract. The price? More than $1 million. The buyer? Someone who knew better than to wait around for the offer date."
I do not know what the most amazing thing is about Mike Davis. That he is incapable of ever fully telling the truth about... anything, or that when he lies, his lies are always so easily proveable, as if he wants to be caught. Or is it that papers like the LA Times continue to print him and colleges such as UC Irvine continue to hire him despite the fact that not even the simplest fact is ever safe in his hands.
More on Davis' claim that the housing market has gone bust in San Francisco. According to the State Realator's Association, not only did sales figures last year surpasss the number of sales at the height of the 1999 internet bubble economy, but prices went up in double digits during last year.

"By far, the most remarkable story comes from the Bay Area, where the regional economy is still reeling from some of the largest job losses ever. Regional sales increased 6.3 percent over 2003 to a new record high level, surpassing the previous record of sales that was established in 1999 at the height of the "dot.com" era. The December median was the highest of the three regions at $658,910. While the median fell by a slight 0.3 percent from the prior month, it rose 13.2 percent over the December 2003 median of $582,320."

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Dogtown said...

A friend of mine took me to task this morning about the LAT today accepting a piece from John Yoo regarding John Bolton, and I couldn't help to immediately get the irony, given that Scheer and Davis were on the same page as Yoo. My friend and I differ politically, as you might guess, and he believe that Yoo should be in the Hague instead of teaching at Berkeley because of his memos re torture. But at least his piece today was a reliable piece of opinion, as compared to the other two authors I mention who have proven themselves as unreliable (Davis is simply depressing no matter what he writes). I'm still a subscriber, but I'm warming to cancelling the LAT. It's a crappy paper, but it's our only one.