Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Dog Bites Man! Sun Rises In East!! Pope To Be Catholic!!! New York Times Kicks LA Times'... BUTT!!!!

New York Times' star reporter -- two descriptive words I never thought I'd be typing one year ago -- Charlie LeDuff thoroughly spanks the LA Times!

Big time!!

In an article in the Thursday edition of the New York Times, LeDuff describes in painful detail what the LA Times refuses to tell the citizens of Los Angeles -- that there are over 30,000 criminals in LA County who are here illegally and who are PROTECTED from being arrested by the policies of the City and County of Los Angeles.

And Good Old Charlie does an absolutely brilliant job of explaining - and bringing to life - an extremely complex, and tragic - situation. Now if we can only convince the LA Times to steal him away from the New York Times -- and put him in charge of the editorial page! You're on notice John Broder!

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