Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Major New York Book Publisher To Move To LA! LA Times In Major Denial!!

On last Monday night, the New York Times announced that Judith Regan was going to move her Harper-Collins imprint - ReganBooks - headquarters from New York to Los Angeles. This was major news back in New York as this is the first major trade publisher ever to leave New York for Los Angeles. The Daily News reprinted the story and LA Observed and countless websites covered the story. But from the LA Times... total silence. And when the Times DID (finally) cover the story - it was just as a news brief - not even a full story - with a short blurb from the Associated Press. The LA Times did not feel this was a story important enough for one of their writers to cover as a breaking story.

Now, of course, if the LAT's publisher (the Tribune Company) was covering a major New York book publisher moving to Chicago - that would have made the front page of their Chicago paper. But since it was a strictly LA news story, needless to say, neither the editor or the publisher of the LA Times felt the story was worth having one of reporters write about. Because of that most of the more interesting details of the story were not even covered in the LAT. See below:

"She (Regan) also said she intended to bring a different idea of culture to Southern California. "I would like to create a cultural center," she said, a sort of salon where authors could meet informally with people in the television and film businesses, with a bookstore and cafe, space for readings or other cultural events and perhaps a studio for a radio show that she hopes to serve as host."

So once again, if you want to know what is happening in Los Angeles, the only paper to read... is the New York Times, our true hometown newspaper.


Anonymous said...

I am one of the few people that even reads the horrible LA Times -- and even I missed their tiny little AP piece on this. Great job.

robert said...

Reading this, my first reaction was that you must be an expat from the right coast, because as a native Angeleno, I've got to say, I just don't think this is news--or rather, it's only news to someone who thinks NY is the center of the world. However, I see from your profile that you are a fourth generation local: your profession of writer must be the explanation for your hyperventilating over the relocation of a publishing company nobody has ever heard of.