Thursday, April 28, 2005

LA Times Finally Discovers Location Of Hancock Park! Should We All Chip In And Buy All The Out-Of-Staters At The LAT -- Thomas Guides?

On second thought, since almost everyone at the LA Times is NOT from LA - buying a Thomas Guide for each of them would be beyond the financial resources of anyone other than... Eli Broad. See today's correction of the day:

April 28th

Rosenheim mansion — The Home of the Week column in the April 24 Real Estate section said the 1904 mansion that architect Alfred F. Rosenheim designed for himself was in Hancock Park. The house is in the Country Club Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Now since I spotted this error on Saturday April 23rd (and posted it on that day)- why should it take five days for the LA Times to correct such an obvious error?

And how many more days will it take for the LA Times to correct the statement by Mike Davis that the San Francisco housing market has 'burst'?

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Larchmont Larry said...

I will pay for Steve Lopez's Thomas Guide - if he uses it to get out of town.