Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Deaths Continue at Killer King -- And LA Times Editorial Page Shamelessly Hides From Its Own Editorial Cowardice!!!!

Two more dead At Killer King/Drew Medical and the LA Times editorial page finally revisits the subject after having almost nothing to say since its (seemingly yearly) expose of the hospital last year. But do they - finally - take a stand? Does the LA Times finally call for cutting loose the Drew Medical Center? Do they at last call for either a short term closure of the hospital or call for the suspension of civil service rules to allow the hospital to start over with a clean slate? Will they ever attack Supervisor Burke - who is more than any one person responsible for the years of deaths at Killer King - for her putting her own political career over the lives of her constituents?

Yeah, right.

Instead they blame Mayor Hahn for lacking leadership (in which case, they are dead right, btw, even though he has no control over the hospital) - bu, once again, the LA Times still refuses to endorse any of the tough choices that need to be made. Instead the spineless editorial shamelessly states, "Tough truths and tougher choices are needed to save even a scaled down hospital. That is what leadership is about."

And I agree. But the LA Times - once again - refuses to take any kind of leadership role in stopping the killings at Killer King. Even with all these additional, totally needless deaths, the LA Times still continues to refuse to endorse, much less demand the tough changes they still too cowardly to even list, much less demand, in their editorial.,1,7042575.story,1,2342408.story

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PracticalVisionary said...

Just like Maxine Waters and the County Supervisors, the LA Times/News Media are a bunch of poverty pimps. If they did come up with solutions to problems, there would be no news or special reports and "investigative journalism" that wins Pulizer's.