Saturday, April 02, 2005

The LA Times Achieves The Harmonic Convergence of Journalism! The Perfect Storm of Journalistic Incompetence!

The Chicago owned LA Times has taken a lot of internet heat the past week on two issues. First, David Shaw looked down upon us bloggers in his media column, saying we are incapable of getting our facts correct as does the LAT due to the LAT's many layers of filters and editors. If you read my posts of the past week - you can determine yourself how true that is.

Second, the LA Times has been justifiably criticized for ignoring the fact that 30,000 Los Angeles-based criminals and violent gang members are in this country illegally and daily terrorizing the streets of LA and yet the LAPD is helpless to stop them due to political correctness run amuck. And, then, even when the LAT is finally forced by outside circumstances to address the issue, they are too afraid to ask the hard questions that need to be asked, much less to take any leadership on this issue. But, in a way, that's fully understandable. I mean, what impact does this have on the citizens of Chicago?

Now with the editor and publisher of the LAT both knowing of these two problems - what are the odds that they would then allow a story to be published that is both factually incorrect - AND also still fails to tell us the facts about this threat to our city

Well, as it turns out -- 100%. Just read below - and weep:


April 2, 2005
Immigration laws - The headline for an article in Friday's California section about Orange County Sheriff's Department officials' plans to train deputies to enforce federal immigration laws stated that Los Angeles County's sheriff said he would do the same. In fact, Sheriff Lee Baca said he would give his deputies the same powers as those being given to Los Angeles police. Under the LAPD's proposed rules, officers who encounter people they believe had reentered the country illegally would call their supervisors, who would contact federal immigration officials. If the suspect were once convicted of a serious crime and deported, LAPD officers could seek a federal warrant and then make an arrest.

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