Saturday, April 23, 2005

LA Times Book Festival Of Books Huge Success! Downtown Poet's Book Makes Debut!!

After the Chicago Tribune closes or sells its rapidly failing branch office out here, they still may have a future in LA... as event planners!

The LA Times today proved that they are far better at making news than at reporting anything resembling news during the latest edition of their hugely successful 'Festival Of Books' on the UCLA campus. It runs again tomorrow - Sunday, April 23rd -- from 10 AM to 5 PM -- and it's FREE!! More info at the LA Times website.

And for downtowners, there was a special note of interest. Fledging LA publishing company, CONFLU:X, run by poet Jim Natal and his wife, book artist, Tania Baban, had just received Downtown real estate agent Ed Rosenthal's first book of printed verse! In fact, I saw a copy of Ed's newly hand-bound poems - beginning with his justly famed ode to Tom Gilmore - even before Ed saw them. So be sure and visit their booth and pick up your copy tomorrow!

PS - The Times is also giving away FREE copies of this Sunday's LA Times! And don't worry about getting there early - even with a captive audience of readers, they were having trouble giving away free copies of the paper...

PPS - Even bottled water goes as high as FOUR BUCKS a bottle!! Free chocolate, though, can be had at least seventeen booths!!! Pack your knapsack accordingly.

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